Humber Coast & Vale Health & Care Partnership

Humber, Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership

Every health and care system has been asked to come together to create their own ambitious local blueprint for accelerating the implementation of the Five Year Forward View.  

In the East Riding of Yorkshire area, we have agreed to work together across the Humber, Coast and Vale geographical area encompassing six CCG boundaries, six local authority boundaries as well as a number of health and social care service providers.

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Humber Acute Services Review

Across the Humber area, local health and care organisations are working in partnership to improve services for local people. We are working together to find ways of getting the best from our local hospital services.

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Scarborough Acute Services Review

Across the Humber area it has been agreed to undertake an independent review of the configuration of Scarborough acute services.

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If you have any questions, please email stating ‘Humber Coast and Vale Partnership’ in the subject line.

Keeping you informed
The STP team is committed to keeping staff, stakeholders and members of the public informed of progress and more information is available in the following updates: 
Presentation Overview - August 2016
Update 1 - June 2016