Annual General Meeting

East Riding CCG's Annual General Meeting 2019

We held our sixth annual general meeting (AGM) in Goole on Tuesday 17 September, with a turnout of around 50 people, including members of the public, staff, councillors and partners.

Jane Hawkard, Chief Officer, presented a number of the CCG’s achievements from 2018-19 which contributed to our overall ‘Good’ rating from NHS England for the second year running.

Further presentations were made to showcase some of the key projects the CCG and their partners are working on. This included Paula South, Director of Quality and Integrated Governance/Executive Nurse discussing the East Riding Adult Mental Health and Dementia System Strategy, which has been developed and delivered by eleven organisations within the region.

Dr Ulf Clausen, CCG GP lead for Musculoskeletal (MSK) Services and local GP, delivered a presentation on MSK services including the introduction of First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) within GP practices. FCPs are highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists who are able to offer more time and support to patients with MSK complaints than their GP may be able to. Another development in MSK services is the ESCAPE-Pain, a self-management rehabilitation programme for people with chronic hip or knee pain delivered in partnership with East Riding Leisure.

Dr Tom Milligan, CCG GP Primary Care Lead and local GP discussed Primary Care Networks, which sees groups of practices work together in collaboration with other health and care providers for a population of 30,000 to 50,000 patients. This approach allows a greater provision of proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care to meet the needs of the population within a network. There are seven Primary Care Networks across the East Riding, which include all 30 GP practices.

For Dr Anne Jeffreys, this was her first AGM as CCG Clinical Chairperson since commencing the role on 1 January 2019. Dr Jeffreys looked towards the future, including two strategies that the CCG is developing, a CCG strategy and a General Practice strategy. Both of these strategies are soon to be finalised and will look to address the challenges likely to be faced in the coming years.

The CCGs financial performance was also on the agenda, with Chief Finance Officer, Richard Dodson explaining that the CCG managed to achieve its financial plan for the year and detailing how the budget of £448 million was spent.

You can see the presentation in full by clicking here.