Our Strategy

This is a picture of the front cover of our easy read version.Our Engagement, Involvement and Communication Strategy sets out our commitment and approach to involving and communicating with local people.  

This is also available as an 'easy read' version and as a short film with BSL and sub-titles.  

Links to both documents are below and the film is at the bottom of this page:

Engagement, Involvement and Communication Strategy

Engagement, Involvement and Communication Strategy (easy read version)

Our Vision
"That it is obvious to all that the views, experiences, preferences and areas of interest to local people and organisations are highly valued by the CCG and have been used, together with local information and statistics, to inform and shape the CCG’s commissioning strategy and practice at all times."
Our aim
We want to show that the health and care services we buy are what local people need.  We want to make sure we offer the best service for local people by putting them at the centre of health and care services. 

We describe how we will do this in our Engagement, Involvement and Communication Strategy which includes the following Goals:
  1. Including people in decision making.
  2. Understanding what is needed by listening and learning.
  3. Looking at what works well around the country to help us make decisions and make our services better.
  4. Asking people what they think of our services to help make things better.
  5. Helping people to manage their own health and wellbeing.
  6. Building and keeping good relationships with patients, carers, the public and other organisations so that we are working together.
  7. Making sure people trust us and know we are good at what we do.

More detail about how we will implement our strategy is available here.

We also think about the different needs of people in the region, diversity in the community and in the people we employ. We understand that things like gender, race, disability, age, socio-economics, sexuality and religion will impact on our life experiences.  We treat everyone as individuals and we will make sure that all our activities and services:

  • Include everyone.
  • Treat people equally.
  • Welcome diversity.
  • Are accessible to anyone.

You can find out about our local equality and diversity work here.   
Click this link to find out more about the Equality Act 2010 [external link].

In some cases, we may be able to reimburse you for your travel expenses. More details are in our Patient, Carer and Public Involvement - Reimbursement of Expenses Policy which is available on our policies page here.

If you have suggestions, questions or comments about this strategy or anything else, please click this link to contact us - we would love to hear from you!


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