How we are working together

How we are working together

Wellbeing and social prescribing

Social Prescribing provides Community Link Workers in every GP Practice throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire (bar one) offering one to one personal social, emotional support and advice to adults to improve their overall health. This could be advice about benefits, employment and housing, or access to volunteering and creative activities to help increase a person’s social life and improve their mental health and physical wellbeing. Providing this individual support reduces that persons need and reliance on GP services.

Active recovery model

When people are medically fit, clinical evidence shows that they recover faster when they are back in their own home environment with the necessary support available to help them carry on their daily living activities. Those people who need additional support will go to our ‘Active Recovery’ beds, based in local communities. There are three beds at Rita Hunt Court, Beverley and three beds at Woldhaven residential home, Pocklington. In addition there are 2 bungalows on the Woldgarth site in Pocklington.  These Active Recovery beds provide intensive rehabilitation; re-ablement and support to ensure patients can go home as soon as possible and lead a full and independent life.

Care Market and Information Technology

We’re working with the local authority and the care home sector on a number of projects to ensure we have a wide range of providers in the local area that are supported to be stable and continue to operate for many years to come.

These projects include providing training to help recruit and retain staff, in particular leadership training to develop leaders who have the necessary skills to reduce the number of patients attending A&E unnecessarily and prevent admissions to hospital. We’re also enhancing our information technology systems to improve access to patient records, allowing care home staff to view up to date information about their patients’ clinical records which is crucial to providing safe, effective and timely care.

In addition to these projects, the partnership has agreed to develop a number of other initiatives which include:

10 ‘Positive Step Beds’ – Based in care homes these beds support patients who no longer need to be in an acute hospital and are awaiting individual packages of care and support to be arranged in their home, or care home of their choice.

Senior Social Worker and four Social Worker posts – Appointed until 31 March 2020 the posts will meet the increasing demand and complexity of individual packages of care and support required for patients leaving an acute hospital.

Integration and Delivery Lead post – Appointed to oversee and manage the iBCF schemes and support key programmes of work that enhance and develop joint working.

Red Cross assisted discharge service – By extending the service until 30 June 2020, we continue to assist patients by providing transport home from an acute hospital and offering practical and emotional support for up to 48 hours.

Health and Social Care Support Workers – This apprenticeship programme will train and develop skilled staff to support individual’s low-level health and social care needs. This helps to maintain sufficient numbers of staff and quality of service in the care home market.

High Intensity User post – This position supports those people who attend A&E unnecessarily on a regular basis. The service will provide a coaching approach to support some of the most vulnerable individuals within the community to access appropriate services.