Our area

Our area

We cover a large geographical area of approximately 930 square miles. This includes rural farming areas, urban areas, developing market towns, picturesque villages in the Wolds, and busy coastal resort towns.

Population statistics:

  • Number of patients registered with GP practices in the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG area (at April 2019) - 306,139
  • Number of people resident in East Riding of Yorkshire CCG area (mid-2017 est.) - 316,103
  • Resident population of East Riding of Yorkshire local authority area (mid-2017 est.) 338,061

Map of the area covered by NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG

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From 1 July 2019, all the practices within East Riding of Yorkshire came together and developed seven Primary Care Networks (PCNs). These are based on their registered list and are detailed here.

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River and Wolds

Yorkshire Coast and Wolds