East Riding Place Partnership

The Big Healthy Link Up

Attendees at The Big Healthy Link Up

Many people will need help and support to improve their health, wellbeing and safety during their lives and it’s important that issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This is why we are one of 11 leading organisations to form a partnership aimed at working together to improve the lives of residents in the East Riding.

The partnership – known as the East Riding Place Partnership – comprises ourselves, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, City Health Care Partnership CIC, East Riding GPs, East Riding Voluntary Sector Leads, Healthwatch, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Humberside Police and Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Understanding each organisation’s demands, pressures and opportunities will help the partnership to do things differently in order to help and support people to be even more resilient and live independent lives.

Building greater trust and collective understanding between the organisations, including the important role the voluntary and community sector plays, enables the partnership to bring the best health, wellbeing and safety opportunities to the East Riding.

It has the aim of putting the resident first, supporting them to remain independent and where necessary helping them to recover from ill health as quickly as possible.

As well as physical health issues, residents could also be dealing with mental health, emotional, educational, or financial issues as well as housing, social isolation or anti-social behaviour problems, all of which – if left untreated – could result in avoidable long-term problems. Working together across the partnership will help to tackle some of these wider issues which impact on health, wellbeing and safety.

With help of non-medical services such as Social Prescribing, which guides people to the most appropriate person or activity to meet their needs, long-term problems can be avoided and overall health, wellbeing and safety improved.

Enabling people to stay in the comfort of their homes for longer, enabling residents to support themselves wherever possible and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions delivers a better way of living.

Recently, the partnership has worked together on developing a dementia and mental health strategy which saw all 11 organisations coming together to better support people living with dementia and mental health, as opposed to only the two leading organisations.

This means that no matter which organisation is dealing with an issue, the whole partnership will be supporting and helping along the way.

Whether it be a firefighter looking for signs of people being unwell while they’re in a person’s home supporting their fire safety, or a mental health charity noticing a resident is prone to falls, the work of the partnership ensures that every person matters, no matter which organisation they are involved with, and that every organisation can draw on the support of the others if it will improve the life of that person.

The partnership approach is aimed at achieving better outcomes for East Riding residents by working together as the East Riding Place Partnership.

12 leading organisations have formed a partnership aimed at working together to improve the lives of residents in the East Riding through wellbeing, health and care.