Withernsea 2020

Withernsea 2020 – A Place Based Approach to Health and Wellbeing


It has long been recognised that the health and wellbeing of local people is strongly linked to the circumstances in which people live, work and spend their free time. A number of factors have been identified as having a key influence on an individual’s prospects for good health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

In Withernsea, health and social care commissioners and providers are coming together with the voluntary and community sector to trial a place based approach. This brings all relevant stakeholders together to look at the health, care and broader wellbeing needs of local people now and in the future, to identify what needs to be done to enable people to live healthy and independent lives and promote wider wellbeing.

Local people and communities are central to this approach and have agreed the following priorities:

  • Diabetes Prevention and Management
  • Education
  • Community Navigation

Social prescribing
As part of our Community Navigation project we are increasingly using social prescribing to promote and encourage people to take up social activities to prevent loneliness and remain independent.

Research tells us that people who lead happy and active social lives enjoy better health than those who do not. Evidence also suggests that people who have a strong network of social support are less likely to take prescribed medicines and taking part in regular exercise reduces the likelihood of having depression.

Men in Sheds
One project ‘Men in Sheds’ in Withernsea offers the opportunity for men to socialise, share skills and learn new ones and take part in activities of specific interest to men. All are welcome. Find more information on the project and how to join.

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