Our Performance

CCG Assurance Framework 

Our performance is regularly assessed by NHS England in relation to a large number of indicators through the CCG Improvment Assesment Framework.  This process has been designed to provide confidence to internal and external stakeholders and the wider public that we are operating effectively to commission safe, high-quality and sustainable services within our available resources.

For 2018/19, NHS England assessed us as 'Good' overall in our annual review. Additionally, we have also acheived a 'Good' raitng for four of the six clinical priority areas set by NHS England.

We continue to make significant progress and the overall assesment of 'Good' reflects the improvements we have implemented, in particular, the reduction of our financial deficit.  Key achievements:

  • Mental Health - In response to changes made to improve access to psychological therapy services and our successful Talking Therapies marketing campaign, more people are receiving treatment for stress and anxiety, with over half of those showing clear signs of recovery and improvement.
  • Cancer - People with cancer are being diagnosed at a much earlier stage and it is fantastic that more people are surviving longer.  We continue to locally support national campaigns.
  • Dementia - more people are being diagnosed sooner. Click here for more information about our work on dementia.
  • Finance - We achieved our financial plan for 2017/18, reducing a planned deficit from £2.8million to £0.4million against a challenging financial environment.

Help us to help you make the most of your NHS.
There is always more that can be done and we are actively encouraging more people to take ownership of their own health, adopt healthy behaviours and live healthier lifestyles. We are confident that not only will this approach greatly improve the results of any surgery planned in the short term, but it will also help prevent more people from becoming ill in the future.  

Improving transparency in the NHS
The national My NHS Website is a single place where health and care organisations, as well as the public, can compare the performance of services over a range of measures, at both local and national level. 

360° Stakeholder Survey
Every year local stakeholders are invited to take in the 360° Stakeholder Survey, this is an independent survey carried out on behalf of NHS England to allow them assess whether the CCG is operating effectively in partnership with key organisations in the local health system to commission safe, high quality and sustainable services.

This survey is carried out for every CCG across the country and includes stakeholders such as representatives from all GP member practices, local provider organisations, and local authority.

East Riding of Yorkshire CCG - 360° Stakeholder Survey 2018-19

East Riding of Yorkshire CCG - 360° Stakeholder Survey 2017-18