Community Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

Community Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in East Riding of Yorkshire

Community Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull were redesigned in 2013 to reflect the changing needs of the population and the changing nature of child and adolescent mental health services across the country.

During the service review, young people, their parents and carers were invited to share their views and experiences of the service to help ensure CAMHS specialist resources are targeted where they are needed most.  Feedback on the re-design proposals was also sought from staff working in a wide range of organisations including health, schools, social care and the voluntary sector who are involved in supporting young people experiencing mental health issues.

Feedback on the redesign proposals can be viewed by clicking here and visiting our Improving Community CAMHS webpage.

We worked in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and our local CAMHS provider Humber NHS Foundation Trust to deliver significant improvements in access to advice, assessment and support for children and young people with mental health or emotional wellbeing problems.

Service improvements include:

Contact Point (NEW)
For advice, information and referral to appropriate CAMHS services where needed.  This can be accessed by parents, young people or professionals working with children and young people.

Telephone number:  01482 303810 
Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm

Intensive Intervention Team (NEW)
hen a young person and their family already on the CAMHS caseload needs more high intensity or more frequent treatment and support, the Intensive Intervention Team will enhance the clinical care already being delivered. If needed, this can be up to seven days a week with community interventions in a range of settings including in the patient’s own home.

CAMHS Crisis Response
Which offers crisis response both in and out of working hours.  This service includes access to an on-call consultant CAMHS psychiatrist for assessment 24/7 and an experienced on-call CAMHS clinical manager.

Community CAMHS also includes:

  • A targeted service providing support to looked after children, children and young people with learning disabilities and young offenders
  • 6 specialist pathways:
  1. mood (anxiety and depression) 
  2. conduct disorders
  3. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  4. eating disorders
  5. deliberate self-harm
  6. psychosis

To view more information about community CAMHS, click this link to visit the Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust website.

Have the changes helped to improve community CAMHS?

  • There has been a marked decrease in the number of children and young people from East Riding of Yorkshire admitted to CAMHS inpatient units, which is a good indication that the changes we have made are working effectively to keep our children and young people with severe mental health problems at home.
  • Although there is currently no routinely commissioned 24/7 treatment/intervention service, in practice CAMHS have arranged for core staff to provide urgent treatment or intervention in and out of hours where this has been required and the CCG has supported any additional costs associated with this. 
  • Following review of activity data within the past few months East Riding of Yorkshire CCG has also allocated new resources for CAMHS to develop a dedicated crisis intervention service which, once recruited to, will enable East Riding of Yorkshire CAMHS to manage the small number of crises more effectively without impacting on their delivery of routine day to day care and support for the children and young people who are referred to them.

The Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat

The CCG along with our partners has signed up to the local Crisis Care Concordat for the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull. The Concordat is a national agreement between services and agencies involved in the care and support of people in crisis. It sets out how organisations will work together better to make sure that people get the help they need when they are having a mental health crisis.

An action plan has been developed that details how:

  • We will work together to prevent crises happening whenever possible, through intervening at an early stage
  • We will make sure we meet the needs of vulnerable people in urgent situations, getting the right care at the right time from the right people to make sure of the best outcomes
  • We will do our very best to make sure that all relevant public services, contractors and independent sector partners support people with a mental health problem to help them recover

Specialist inpatient CAMHS

Following the NHS commissioning reforms that took effect in April 2013 CCGs are responsible for commissioning local community CAMHS for their populations, while NHS England is responsible for commissioning specialist inpatient (Tier 4) CAMHS.

Click this link to view information about Tier 4 CAMHS on the NHS England website.