East Riding Place Plan

The East Riding Health, Care and Wellbeing Plan 2018 - 2023

Our wellbeing, health and social care ambition for our area remains strong; The East Riding Community Plan sets out our partnership ambition for communities that are healthy, thriving, prosperous and safe. The Health & Wellbeing Strategy (and its supporting strategies) expands on this, setting out a vision for An East Riding that is free from avoidable disease and injury, where all residents enjoy their maximum potential for health, wellbeing and participation, throughout their lives.

However, we know that people’s need for services continues to grow faster than funding. The public sector has experienced a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty, with no indication of when this period may end. The pressure on resources across the multi-agency wellbeing, health and social care system is immense. It comes at a time of continuing increases in demand from vulnerable people and a substantial growth in the number of older people living in and moving to the East Riding. The East Riding is also one of the largest local authority areas in the country, with around half of the population living in rural and sometimes isolated communities, which provides additional challenges for all partners. Combined, these factors are leading to increased and significant pressure on health and social care services.

Our response is to transform the ways we deliver quality services, as a single System, and to increase the levels of personal, community and system resilience. This 5 year Place Based Plan outlines how all partner organisations across the East Riding of Yorkshire System will change the way they work in order to help achieve the agreed health outcomes for our residents, as set out in these key strategies. We aim to enhance the wellbeing of the population of the East Riding and to transform the experience and care of people with ill health, including the consequences this has for their families, carers and friends. 

To deliver this system leaders from across a range of organisations in the East Riding have come together as the East Riding of Yorkshire Place Board to lead and facilitate delivery of key pieces of work. To help ensure that we provide a good standard of service across the East Riding, we are committed to addressing aspects of need under a consistent, common framework which all future strategies and plans across the system will align to, where appropriate.

A graphic detailing the whole picture of support in the East Riding like employment, transport, education and social care.


System leaders across the East Riding meet regularly to discuss how we can collectively improve health, care and wellbeing for our local people. The Big Healthy Link-Up newsletters provide an update on this work. Click the links below to read more.

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Regular updates on progress being made through the East Riding Place Partnership are reported to the East Riding Health and Wellbeing Board and are available below:

East Riding Place Partnership report - July 2018

East Riding Place Partnership report - November 2018

Communications and Engagement Progress Update – September 2018