Improving primary care services in Bridlington

Improving primary care services in Bridlington

Update: As at 16 March 2023


In Bridlington, there were five GP practices caring for around 42,000 registered patients who live in and around the local area. Most GP practices operate under nationally agreed General Medical Services (GMS) or Personal Medical Services (PMS) arrangements which do not have a contract end date. However, three of the practices in Bridlington were operating under Alternative Provider Medical Services (aPMS) arrangements which are agreed more locally and must be reviewed in accordance with the terms of the individual contract.

These aPMS contracts are due to end on 31 March 2023 and will not be renewed. This follows feedback from current providers, experience from previous market engagement and an options appraisal, from which it is felt that a managed change process would create a more sustainable Primary Care service in Bridlington leading to better patient care.

Patient transfer announcements

Since September 2022, the Primary Care Network has been working closely with all the providers to ensure that everyone is safely and securely transferred over to Drs Reddy & Nunn practice with minimal disruption to the care and treatment they receive.  Information regarding the changes can be found here.

10 January 2023 – Practice One Patients successfully transferred over to Drs Reddy & Nunn 
Click here to view the letter that was sent to patients previously registered with Practice One

21 February 2023 – Wolds View patients to transfer over to Drs Reddy & Nunn
Click here to view the letter that will be delivered to patients wc 6th February previously registered with Wolds View

14 March 2023 – Field House patients to transfer over to Drs Reddy & Nunn
Click here to view the letter that will be delivered to patients wc 1st March previously registered with Field House

Patients need take no action at all right now. Patients directly affected by a change of GP practice will be advised in good time.

There is no change for patients registered at Humber Primary Care who will continue to have their care provided by the practice.

The benefits

We would like to reassure all our patients, current and future, that plans are progressing well and everyone will benefit from the strength and stability of being part of two larger practices in Bridlington.

This approach will help secure the future sustainability of primary care in Bridlington for many reasons.  We know from experiences elsewhere that larger practices are better able to recruit and retain staff because they can offer career progression and opportunities to specialise.  There will be larger, more resilient, and flexible teams.  They can also offer improved training facilities for newly qualified doctors, which is something that modern doctors and nurses aspire towards and this also encourages staff to stay working in the local area.

Having two larger practices in Bridlington will make it easier to share learning, clinical leadership and mentorship and provide opportunities to bring in more new, additional, clinical roles including:  • Physicians Assistants  • Pharmacists   • Paramedics  • Nurse Practitioners  • Musculo-Skeletal Practitioners (MSK)

Efficiencies gained by operating through one consolidated practice team will be reinvested to drive further improvements across all aspects of patient care. All of this also provides a great opportunity to grow primary care services to help meet the needs of the local population now and as the population of Bridlington grows in the future.

Information published

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Patient information including Frequently Asked Questions (hard copies are in practices)

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