Medicines and Prescribing

The NHS faces a number of big challenges with a growing population and increasing costs. There is a need to change the way we work which includes helping you to help yourself. Supporting people means providing information and encouragement to help you have a better understanding of how to look after yourself, know what to do when you become ill and be able to monitor your health and take the right action.

Ordering a repeat prescription

Changes have been made to the way you order repeat prescriptions to reduce medicine waste and help your GP better check and monitor the medicines you use.

Click here to find out how to order a repeat prescription.

Don't swallow up your NHS

Many items are available at a much lower cost in local pharmacies or supermarkets than they are for the NHS to prescribe.

Click here for more information on why we are asking people to buy over the counter.

Reducing waste and improving safety 

Many people get repeat prescriptions that include items they do not need and may even no longer be taking.  We want to work with our population, our GPs and our pharmacists to reduce this waste.

Click here for more information on our campaign to reduce medicine waste.

No more drops from the docs

Each year your local NHS spends millions of pounds on free prescriptions for medicines for minor health concerns such as hay fever or dry eyes. We believe this money could be better spent on essential healthcare services that treat more serious conditions.

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Prescribing guidelines

Click here for information about prescribing guidelines across Hull and the East Riding.