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Your Life, Your Way aims to help our residents live active and independent lives. If you have any care needs, we'll help you get the right care and support at the right time:

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The NHS website

The NHS website helps you to locate health services near you, including GP practices, hospitals, dentists and pharmacists. Please click here to visit the NHS website.

Your experience of health services

We welcome feedback, positive or negative, about your experience of local NHS services as this helps us to improve services for patients. Contact our Patient Relations service.


The people who look after your health will do whatever they can to make sure you are treated appropriately and on time.  However, we realise that sometimes things do not go as expected. More information about how to make a complaint can be found here.


If you have any concerns that a vulnerable adult is at risk or needs help to protect themselves then you should share your concerns following the advice on the Safeguarding Adult Board website.

If you have any concerns that a child or young person is at risk or suffering harm, then you should share your concerns following the advice on the Safeguarding Children Board website.

Coping with stress following a major incident

This leaflet provides information on how you may expect to feel in the days and months ahead, and to help you understand and have more control over your experience. To view in full please click here.

East Riding Libraries Health Zone

East Riding libraries have some useful tools to help take control of your own health and wellbeing. Read about everything they have to offer on their Health Zone website.

NHS choice framework and patient information

The Department of Health has published The NHS Choice Framework: what choices are available to me in the NHS? The framework brings together information about patients’ rights to choice about their health care, where to get more information to help make a choice, and how they can complain if they have not been offered choice. In addition there are a series of information leaflets which set out patients’ rights to choice in healthcare, where to find information to help choose, and how to complain if choice isn’t offered.

Travel advice

The NHS website has a handy guide on what to think about before you travel, as well as a guide about travel vaccinations.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office also provides country by country advice for visitors, including the latest information on potential health risks.

Ebola virus disease is a serious viral infection that originated in sub-Saharan Africa. No one has caught Ebola from someone else in the UK. For most people visiting countries in sub-Saharan Africa, the risk of exposure to the Ebola virus is minimal. Read more about the ebola virus on the website.

The Zika virus is a disease which is mainly spread by mosquitoes. For most people it's a very mild infection and is not harmful, but it may be more serious for pregnant women, as there's evidence it causes birth defects. Zika does not naturally occur in the UK. Zika outbreaks have been reported in the Pacific region, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, and parts of south and southeast Asia. Click here to see country specific risk of Zika.

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