Choose Well

Urgent Treatment Services: What to do and where to go if you become ill or injured.

We know that finding the right place to go when you become ill or are injured can be confusing.  This section of our website explains our new urgent treatment services and is just one of the ways we want to help you choose well and stay well in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  By selecting the right service for your illness or injury, you're not only looking after your health but using NHS services responsibly.

Your choices at a glance
For more information about which choice is right for you, visit the links on the right or ring NHS 111 for advice and support. Please be aware NHS111 will ask you a number of questions to decide what advice to give you. This can include self-care advice, directing you to your nearest pharmacy, advising you to go and see your GP or booking into either an 8 to 8 Centre or an Urgent Treatment Centre if clinically appropriate.

Based on your symptoms, NHS111 will offer a list of services that are available to you in order of the most appropriate and the nearest distance. Unfortunately distance is calculated ‘as the crow flies’ and in some instances we are aware that this includes Lincolnshire. If this is the case, please explain this to your call handler, who will then be able to look at other options which are more appropriate. Please accept our apologies, but be aware this is a national issue and solutions are being looked into.

We are monitoring this situation and working with individual patients to help us to evaluate the service. If you have any concerns about your experience, please contact our Patient Relations team, click here for contact details.

Click here to download our booklet with more information on urgent treatment services across the East Riding of Yorkshire. (This was delivered to every household in April 2018.)

Click here for some frequently asked questions which we have answered following the introduction of these new urgent treatment services

Information to help you choose well is also available in a range of alternative languages through the NHS website.