Our Role

Who we are and what we do

We are a GP-led organisation, with an annual budget of around £465 million, responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) hospital, mental health and community health care services for the people living in the East Riding of Yorkshire area.  

Established under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 on 1 April 2013, our ambition is for all local residents to receive better care, more locally, within budget, through transformation.  We are a clinically led membership organisation made up of 30 general practices that serve a registered population of 339,614 (January 2018).  Covering an extensive rural area of approximately 1,000 square miles, the practices are grouped into seven primary care networks. These are:

  • Beverley
  • Bridlington
  • Cygnet
  • Harthill
  • Holderness
  • River and Wolds
  • Yorkshire Coast and Wolds

You can read more about primary care networks on this page.

We are committed to improving the care provided to patients, reducing health inequalities and raising the quality and standard of health services whilst achieving a financial balance.  

How we work

GPs are at the heart of deciding what health services local people need and receive.  All our GPs use their experience and knowledge to influence and shape the decisions we make, with some more heavily involved as representatives of the Council of Members and Governing Body.

Our Governing Body is made up of GPs, other clinicians, executives, lay representatives and a local authority representative.

The East Riding has particular challenges with an ageing population and some areas of health inequality. Working with GPs and local community representatives, we have developed our 5 year strategic plan and are focussing on delivering against 3 key objectives which are based on the needs of our population:

  • Supporting Healthy, Independent Ageing
    We are working towards ensuring our population is able to enjoy a long and healthy life, where they can live independently at home, connected to their local community.  Our aim is to transform services for older people so that care is co-ordinated around the full range of an individual's needs (not around single conditions), prioritises prevention and supports independence.
  • Reducing Health Inequalities
    Our challenge is to reduce the difference in illness and death rates regardless of a person's background, geographical location and vulnerability to health inequalities.  We are committed to providing 'high quality care for all, now and for future generations'.  As such, we are involving people and communities in designing services that meet their health and care needs and provides imrpoved equitable access for everyone.
  • Improving the Physical and Emotional Health and Wellbeing of our Children
    Emotional health and wellbeing lays the foundation for adulthood. Our focus on vulnerable children and young people to improve their health and wellbeing will help them become well-adjusted members of society, able to participate fully as adults.

**Our strategy is currently being refreshed and will be published in September 2020**

We are active partners on the local Health and Wellbeing Board with membership including two of our GP member leads, our Chief Officer and our Director of Commissioning and Transformation.  

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