Lay Member Support

As key members of our Governing Body, Lay Members have an important role in shaping and challenging our work. At NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG, we have 2 statutory Lay Members on the Governing Body – Audit/Finance/Governance and Patient and Public Involvement. We also have an additional Lay Member for Quality who is also our Deputy Chair and can take over if a conflict of interest is identified for the Clinical Chair or they are otherwise unable to act. Click here to find out who our current Lay Members are.

We are committed to ensuring that our Lay Members are provided with the best start to their lay role and that they also receive continued help and support throughout their time working with us. To this end, the Lay Members have developed an Induction Programme for Lay Members, which leads into the corporate appraisal process. As part of this, they are developing a range of Fact Sheets. 

These Facts Sheets, it is hoped, concisely emphasize key points on a range of pertinent topics and are intended to particularly help those who are new to the NHS, new to NHS Commissioning and new to Lay Governing Body roles. The Self Check section on each Fact Sheet is there to enable the individual to tailor the information to their own role and to their CCG.

The Lay Members also believe that this model of Induction and the Fact Sheets are applicable to other Governing Body members and the Fact Sheets, in particular, may be of interest to a wider audience including the public, particularly those who help us by getting involved in our work.    

Further information about any aspect of Lay Member support is available through email or via 01482 672156.

*Re-use of this information is therefore permitted but should include an acknowledgement of the source of the information.*

Accessible Information Standard
The Accessible Information Standard was introduced in April 2016. Lay members may find this information useful. Click here for more information.

Humberside LMC Advice Sheets
The Secretariat of the Humberside Group of Local Medical Committees Ltd is routinely contacted by practices for advice on many issues. When the response is relevant to wider clinicians, they produce a short Advice Sheet summarising the issue and the LMC's position or recommendations. Lay members may find the information useful. These are available here.