Quality Premium

The NHS Quality Premium is a financial reward paid to Clinical Commissioning Groups for improvements in the quality of the services commissioned and for associated improvements in health outcomes and reducing inequalities.

The Quality premium is awarded to the CCG based on our performance against a range of national and local indicators and rewards the CCG for improvements in the quality of health services commissioned.

The indicators against which the CCG were measure are:

  • Reducing potential years of lives lost through amenable mortality
  • Reducing avoidable emergency admissions
  • Ensuring roll-out of the Friends and Family Test and improving patient experience of hospital services
  • Preventing healthcare associated infections
  • Unplanned hospitalisation for chronic ambulatory care sensitive (ACS) conditions (adults)
  • Reduction in emergency admissions for fractures nick of femur
  • Dementia Diagnosis

In 2014-15 the CCG received £556,000 as its quality premium payment. The CCG invested the funding in the following way:

  • Development of the Community Hub pilots
  • Support to Winter pressure and resilience
  • The purchase of additional activity to support the delivery of constitutional targets