Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks 

Since the publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View in October 2014, New Models of Care as an ‘integrated care system’ has been at the heart of the transformation plan for NHS primary care. Integrated Care Systems are collectively responsible for managing resources to deliver quality NHS care and improving health.

The General Practice contract from April 2019 requires general practice to work in ‘Primary Care Networks’ (PCNs) as they are seen as the foundation of all Integrated Care Systems. 

The CCG’s role is to support general practice in the creation of networks and their ongoing development.

From 1 July 2019, all the practices within East Riding of Yorkshire came together and developed seven PCNs. These are based on their registered list and are detailed below.

Each network has appointed to the role of Clinical Director (two networks have this has a shared-role between two people). The Clinical Directors are General Practitioners.

The networks are in their early stages of development; they have begun to meet regularly as a team and will go onto engage with wider health and social care providers (including the CCG) and patient groups to discuss how they collectively plan to improve services for their population. 

In the coming years, PCNs will be required to implement changes to services based on the specifications developed nationally. These seven National Service Specifications have not yet been published but the outline of the requirements is listed below:

April 2020:         

  • Medications Reviews and Optimisation
  • Enhanced Health in Care Homes
  • Anticipatory Care
  • Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Personalised Care (as part of the NHS Comprehensive Model)

April 2021:

  • CVD Prevention and Diagnosis
  • Tackling Neighbourhood Inequalities

Find below a short animation produced by NHS England explaining Primary Care Networks:

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