Be Clear on Cancer

Be clear on cancer. Worried about a symptom you think may be cancer? Tell your doctor.

Be Clear on Cancer campaigns are targeted at men and women over the age of 50 living in England, and aim to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer, encourage those with symptoms to see their doctor early and promote the benefits of early diagnosis.

Have you...

  ...noticed blood in your pee?
  ...noticed changes to your breasts and you're over 70?
  ...been getting out of breath more easily?
  ...felt bloated for three weeks or more?
  ...been coughing for three weeks or more?
  ...noticed blood in your poo?
  ...noticed a change to your skin?
  ...had heartburn for three weeks or more?

These symptoms could be a sign of many things, but you're not wasting anyone's time by having them checked out. Book an appointment with your GP.

About the campaigns

Be Clear on Cancer campaigns are run by Public Health England in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS England.  They are part of the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative, run in partnership with Cancer Research UK, to improve England’s cancer survival rates.


Find the 14,000 men

Why we’re backing Prostate Cancer UK & NHS England’s new campaign.

Prostate cancer is more common than you think. It’s the most common cancer in men. 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer. That could be a dad, uncle, brother, partner or best friend. It’s why Prostate Cancer UK and the NHS have joined forces to launch a campaign to find the 14,000 men who have not started treatment for prostate cancersince the beginning of the pandemic.

Early diagnosis saves lives

New figures show that prostate cancer accounts for a third of those not treated for cancer compared to before the pandemic. Prostate cancer is very treatable if caught early. It’s important for men to know their risk because early prostate cancer often has no symptoms.

Joe Appiah, from Bromley, was diagnosed with prostate cancer during the pandemic. He didn’t have symptoms. “I’d seen adverts about prostate cancer, but I didn’t know how badly black men were affected, or how to get a test. I didn’t have symptoms and wasn’t aware of any family history. So until my friend told me to speak to my GP, I didn’t think about it – especially with Covid too. My friend saved my life. Thanks to him it was caught just in time.”

Check your risk and share the risk checker with loved ones

It takes 30 seconds to complete and could save lives.

Check your risk in 30 seconds | Prostate Cancer UK

How you can help

Visit to access posters, graphics, videos and further information.