Personal Wheelchair Budgets

Personal Wheelchair Budgets

April 2018 saw the introduction of Personal Wheelchair Budgets to the East Riding of Yorkshire, designed to provide wheelchair users with greater choice regarding their wheelchair provision. This has now replaced the previous wheelchair voucher scheme.

Individuals are now supported to be even more involved in the process, focusing upon what matters most to them about their wheelchair and having greater options available to them in deciding how best to meet their needs.

Under the new system wheelchair users will have three options:

  1. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget (standard NHS provision)
    This means the provision of a basic wheelchair which will meet a persons identified needs.
  2. Notional Personal Wheelchair Budget with contribution
    This option allows a person or another agency (such as a voluntary or charitable organisation) to contribute their personal budget towards a higher specification NHS wheelchair or add additional features.
  3. Third Party Personal Wheelchair Budget
    This allows a person to use their personal budget as a contribution to buying a wheelchair from an independent retailer outside of the NHS. This is only available if the wheelchair is deemed clinically appropriate following a discussion with a wheelchair therapist.

Our work on Personal Wheelchair Budgets has been recognised by NHS England and we will be a national champion site for 2018/19, supporting other areas to develop their own plans.

More information on Personal Wheelchair Budgets can be found at and