Goole and area (updated)

Goole and surrounding area information 

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This page provides information about the current urgent care services in Goole and the surrounding area and what the Governing Body decisions will mean.

Urgent Treatment Centres

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Introducing an Urgent Treatment Centre
The Goole population will have access to an Urgent Care Centre (UCC) in Goole that will be open for 16 hours a day 7 days a week; this is a consistent service both in respect of the hours of availability and the range of clinical services and interventions that will be available for them to access.  This will replace the existing Minor Injury Unit.  

It is less hours than had been available previously, however, analysis of the activity and demand during the overnight period when the UCC will be closed is minimal and services such as NHS111, Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) Clinical Advisory Service and the out of hours GP will support patients through the provision of advice and guidance or sign posting to other appropriate services if required.  People with urgent care needs will be encouraged to ‘talk before they walk’ by accessing advice services first.

The Goole population will also have planned care services e.g. for their wound care needs being delivered as part of the community services provision either in a planned wound care clinic or through the community nursing service for housebound patients.

Click here to view information which has been developed to encapsulate what people told the CCG about the proposed options for changes to MIUs during the urgent care consultation for Goole. The CCG has looked at the evidence in respect of what was said and has identified what possible responses they should consider.

Key facts about the existing Goole Minor Injury Unit
The purpose of a Minor Injury Unit is to treat people who have an urgent, unplanned need.  It is not for conditions that need immediate medical attention to save a life or to prevent permanent damage to health.

Opening times: 
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

X-ray Opening times: 
08:30 – 17:00 / Mon – Fri
On call at weekends & evenings

Symptoms Treated:

  • Sprains, strains and broken bones
  • Wound infections
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • Minor head injuries
  • Insect and animal bites
  • Minor eye injuries
  • Injuries to the back, shoulder and chest
Led by: Emergency Care
Practitioner with medic on call
Restrictions: None
Attendances in 15/16: 16,112
A breakdown of activity is below

Month by Month Activity levels 15/16:
All activity
East Riding residents only

Goole Hospital MIU graph

Our analysis shows that, in most cases, the 'subsequent' attendances do not appear to be for an urgent, unplanned need.

Improving wrap around patient care

Creating an Integrated Community and Rehabilitation Centre
We have identified that the East Riding of Yorkshire requires a much more flexible and responsive future community bed model that is expanded to include improved intensive rehabilitation, Time to Think beds and a Home First approach.  

The decision made by the governing body is to:

Create an integrated community and intensive rehabilitation centre in a single location, at East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley supported by 15 Time to Think Beds. Together with the following actions:

i. The location of time to think beds at Bridlington and South Holderness specifically
ii. The availability of an additional 10 time to think beds during the transition period
iii. Partnership working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council in respect of care home capacity and transport options
iv. The review of palliative care services to ensure the provision of service that meets the needs of individuals.

This means the existing community hospital beds at Bridlington and Withernsea Hospitals will close and the CCG will be able to support more people in, or close to, their own home, refocussing resources into community teams.

This model of care will provide intensive rehabilitation and support for people with more complex nursing needs and will also provide Time to Think Beds to support earlier discharge from acute hospital care. Time to Think Beds will be based in residential homes and be used by people who are medically fit, whilst they are waiting for complex care packages to be put into place to allow them to return home.

Key facts about the existing community beds
We currently have 54 community beds located across the East Riding at East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley, Bridlington District Hospital and Withernsea Community Hospital.  A community bed costs around £350 per day whether it is used or left empty. The beds are a mixture of:  

  • Sub-acute beds (including stroke & palliative care)
  • Rehabilitation beds
  • Step up and Step down

The average bed occupancy rate in 2015/16 for the East Riding was 86%.  

We have done a bed audit across the East Riding on the current use of community beds and this has told us that less than 25% of the patients actually needed medical or nursing input and a further 50% of patients would experience better quality of care by being offered nursing and therapy care at their own home (which may be a care home).