Better Care

                     Working together to improve health and wellbeing

Since 2014, East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and other partner organisations have been working together to transform the way health and care is delivered to patients by bringing services closer together.

Our shared vision is for people to live healthy, independent lives, in control of their health and wellbeing, and able to access the care and support they need in their community.

Through the Better Care Fund collaboration, we implemented a number of different projects, designed to improve local residents’ health and wellbeing outlined in our 2014 Better Care brochure.

Improved Better Care Fund (iBCF)

In 2017, local government received an additional £2 billion funding for adult social care. This funding is being spent through the Improved Better Care Fund (iBCF) which aims to meet adult social care needs; reduce NHS pressures and support people to be discharged from hospital when they are ready.

In the East Riding of Yorkshire, we received approximately £6m (2017/18), £4m (2018/19) and £2m (2019/20).  Our aim for the iBCF is to change the way people use services, both in and out of hospital. We want to reduce the number of people having to stay for long periods of time in an acute hospital so they can live a more independent life in their own home with the help of home and community based care and support such as nursing, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation services.

Visit our working together page to find out about the project we’re delivering to improve care provided in our hospitals, care homes and people’s own homes.