Statement regarding Withernsea 8 to 8 centre

The 8 to 8 centre at Withernsea Hospital provides predominantly planned care clinics and is not the same service as the previous walk-in Minor Injury Unit. The centre does provide a limited service for a small number of low level minor injuries as directed by the NHS 111 service. This service is only accessible by telephoning NHS111, where the patient will be directed towards the most appropriate service for them based on the symptoms they describe. NHS111 professionals will only direct patients to a service that is clinically appropriate for the condition that has been described, as other services will not meet the patient’s needs. We are confident that patients are being seen locally in the 8 to 8 centre as clinically appropriate based on their individual minor injury needs.

Many patients who contact NHS111 do not require urgent care services for their symptoms and may require other services, such as a GP appointment, a local pharmacy or given self-care advice and guidance over the telephone. We are urging people to trust in and follow the advice that they are given to ensure that they receive the treatment they require as quickly as possible.

We are asking people who call NHS111 to trust in the advice of the professionals answering their calls to direct them to the right place first time and ensure that they receive the right treatment for them as quickly as possible.

As a CCG, we recognise that the needs of local people are for access to planned care services as locally as possible, and we have committed to improving local planned care services for people in Withernsea to meet their needs. Hundreds of people access planned care services every day while a handful of people require urgent services. Our focus has been on providing expanded services up to 8pm every weekday for clinics such as foot care, physiotherapy and wound care.

There is also a ‘Rapid Response Service’ which provides frail and elderly patients with access to rapid care in their homes seven days a week, and is accessible through the District Nursing service.

We have expanded dermatology services available in Withernsea and provided a blood clinic for children to access in the town, significantly reducing the need for local people to have to travel.

We continue to work with the local GP practice to improve care for diabetic patients as locally as possible, and provide the social prescribing and health trainer service at the GP practice in collaboration with East Riding Council.

We continually and proactively work with the local GP practice, partner organisations, the Local Authority, Sport England and local communities to improve health and promote wider wellbeing so that people can live healthy and independent lives.

Anyone who feels they have not received good care are encouraged to contact our patient relations team on 01482 672047 so we can investigate the matter for them.

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