Residents in Withernsea to benefit from local changes to urgent care services

People registered with the GP practice in Withernsea will soon benefit from a new local service to support them with their minor injury needs.  

East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (ERY CCG) has worked collaboratively with Graham Stuart MP, Councillor Lyn Healing, City Health Care Partnership and Holderness Health GP practice in Withernsea, to improve and enhance local access to minor injury services.

Emma Latimer, who joined ERY CCG as their new Accountable Officer in November 2019, said: “I have listened very carefully to the concerns that have been raised in Withernsea and am delighted that we are in a position to trial this new and improved service which I am confident will better meet the needs of the local community.”   

From Monday 28 September 2020, patients in Withernsea and the surrounding area can call their local GP practice on 0333 332 4242 where they will now hear an option to press 4 if they have a minor injury.  Patients will then have their injury assessed by a healthcare professional who will be able to offer advice and support on-line or over the telephone and can see them in Withernsea later the same day, unless it is more serious.

Carol Waudby, CHCP, said: “by having a direct conversation with the patient, our highly skilled urgent care practitioners are able to make an informed clinical decision about how to best support the person with their immediate needs.  For this reason, we have been able to safely expand the range of minor injuries we can deal with locally, in Withernsea.  If patients do need to be seen in one of our Urgent Treatment Centres, we will advise them of this and can support them by booking transport there and then if they don’t have any other means of getting there.”  

Cllr Healing said: “I really welcome this change to introduce a local assessment by clinicians who will know the area and, in many cases, the patients themselves.  I am also delighted that we can access this service simply by ringing our very own GP practice.  Over the coming weeks, I would like to hear from anyone who uses this service about their experience – good or bad - so we can keep listening and learning. I can be contacted on”

How the service will work

During weekdays, Monday to Friday, patients can call their local GP practice, Holderness Health, on 0333 332 4242 where they will now hear an option to press 4 if they have a minor injury. 

An urgent care practitioner will be available to do an initial clinical assessment over the telephone or digitally on-line between the hours of 9am and 5pm during normal GP practice weekday opening times. 

If someone needs to be seen in person, they will be asked to attend a scheduled appointment at Withernsea Hospital later in the day for treatment.  Patients attending appointments must wear face coverings and adhere to the latest social distancing guidance at all times in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

If the injury is more serious, they will be advised and supported to access an Urgent Treatment Centre.  If the injury is considered to be life or limb threatening, people will be advised to call 999 for an ambulance or go immediately to the Emergency Department at Hull Royal Infirmary. 

If people are unsure about which service they need, they should call NHS 111.

The new service will replace the current low-level minor injury service in Withernsea and will be operational at the same opening hours as the previous minor injury service, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding Bank Holidays).  Before 9am, after 5pm and at weekends, people should call NHS 111 to be assessed and directed to the most appropriate service for their immediate needs, which could include self-care advice, local pharmacy or their nearest Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC).  Anyone in the HU19 postcode area who has been assessed as requiring to attend a UTC and is without any other means transport, will continue to have a taxi organised in line with the current arrangements.

The types of conditions that can be treated

The service will be able to provide local support for people with:

  • Minor cuts
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Bites
  • Scalds
  • Tetanus injections

People whose condition turns out to be more complex than the original triage indicated will receive immediate treatment and then directed to the nearest Urgent Treatment Centre or, if necessary, the Emergency Department, for completion of their care.  

Patients with chronic wounds requiring dressing should continue to contact their healthcare professional on 01482 247111 for an appropriate treatment room appointment at Withernsea Hospital. 

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