Local East Riding of Yorkshire nurse wins prestigious Queen’s nurse award


29 November 2022

Local East Riding of Yorkshire nurse wins prestigious Queen’s nurse award

East Riding of Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership is delighted that local nurse, Dr Jennifer Loke, has been given the prestigious title of Queen’s nurse (QN) by community nursing charity, The Queen’s Institute (QNI). A celebration of community nursing to award Jennifer the title was held in London on 28 November 2022.

The title indicates a high level of commitment to high standards of patient care, learning and leadership in nursing practice. Jennifer was awarded the title for her ongoing dedication as a clinical nurse, nurse educator, nurse leader and nurse researcher.

Jennifer, a nurse consultant at Park View Surgery in Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire, has years of experience not only as a nurse, but also as an academic at the University of Hull.

In 2018 Jennifer arrived at Park View Surgery where she went on to challenge the primary care nursing role to ensure it delivered high standard health improvements to the practice’s patients. Jennifer’s contribution to the Surgery, along with the hard work of her team, has been instrumental in the Surgery recently receiving Care Quality Commission (CQC) ‘Good’ ratings across all inspected areas.

Jennifer’s dedicated hard work at Park View Surgery focuses on the four pillars of advanced practice nursing as follows:

Clinical Practice: providing direct face-to-face clinical patient care throughout the pandemic and introduced the joint consultation model for a multidisciplinary approach that it has ensured no backlog within the Practice.

Leadership and Management: working closely with a multi-disciplinary team, making appropriate referrals that has helped to diagnose several cancers, heart failures and dementia at early stages. Her nursing leadership in the work of frailty and bereavement has led to her being a finalist of the Nurse of the Year 2022.

Education: developing self and staff within the practice through mentorship and clinical supervision. Currently, working on a plan at the University of Hull to implement a programme to address nursing shortages in primary care, particularly GP practices.

Research: ongoing research with Yangzhou University to investigate nursing recruitment issues during the pandemic and continuing research at the Surgery for its development and to improve quality care. Her research work at Park View Surgery has also led to the Surgery to be shortlisted for Best Employer for Staff Recognition and Engagement 2022 and the GP award for Clinical Improvement: Public Health and Prevention 2022.

Jennifer has a heartfelt passion for patient care along with an understanding and vision for the future of community nursing care. Using research and theory, Jennifer helps students to appreciate effects of medical interventions and social care on patients and assists practice staff to be more empathetic of patients’ responses to treatment. Jennifer’s clinical teaching supports patients by equipping them with the tools to not only improve their knowledge of their conditions but to really understand how to independently care for themselves to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Queen’s Award highlights several successful schemes Jennifer implemented to help support patients. One of these, the ‘Patient Participation Health and Wellbeing Group’ provides much needed social interaction for many of Park View Surgery’s elderly patients. The Group helps those who have lost a ‘loved one’ offering an environment where people can make friends, chat and take part in activities such as: line dancing; singing; painting; meditation and much more. 

Patients report many positive benefits of the group including helping to prevent feelings of loneliness, increasing their cognitive skills, improving their sense of happiness and well-being as well as better mobility and agility.

A member of the Group commented: “Attending these group sessions has greatly improved my quality of life. I am now more emotionally stable.

“With hindsight I realise now, how vulnerable I was then, but the activities here have helped me cope so well, I never thought I could continue to live on my own.”

William Uglow, Assistant Director Planned and Primary Care said: East Riding Health and Care Partnership is thrilled that Jennifer has been bestowed this prestigious title. It is a testament to Jennifer’s dedication and enthusiasm for putting in place new and innovative ways of working which help improve the health and wellbeing of her patients.

“Jennifer works closely with staff at the practice to improve their skills and bring the level of nursing in GP Practices to a higher standard. We are extremely pleased with Jennifer’s success.”

Dr Jennifer Loke, commenting on the award said: “I have a true love for the nursing profession. Nurses have a fantastic role to play, and it has always been my vision to enhance the skills of nurses and alter the perception of practice nurses. I would like to see each individual nurse in GP Practices equipped with a good standard of skills and knowledge in the four pillars of advanced practice nursing.

“For practice nursing to be truly autonomous, it must be underpinned by good health knowledge and nursing skills. Only then would we succeed in assisting patients with effective self-caring behaviours to improve their health and wellbeing. I truly believe good quality patient care can only happen when each and every nurse is proficiently deploying evidence-based health knowledge and high-quality nursing skills to care from their heart.”


Issued by East Riding Health and Care Partnership (part of the Humber and North Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board) on behalf of the Park View Surgery.

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