Annual Health Checks

Annual Health Checks

People with a learning disability often have worse health and healthcare than other people. We want everyone to have the same treatment as everyone else. Getting an Annual Health Check will help find any problems you may have, so you can get the right care.

You don’t have to be ill to have a health check. If you are aged 14 or over and have a learning disability, your doctor should offer you a health check every year or you can ask them to provide one. If they say no, ask your local community learning disability team for advice. They should be able to help you access an annual health check.

Below are links to leaflets to help you understand what to expect when going to the doctors or hospital.

Blood test communication board
Things I may see or hear in A&E
Where might the nurse want to look as part of my health check?
What happens at the doctors?
Annual Health Check at the doctors

The video below explains how Annual Health Checks work. The booklets are used by doctors in Hull and may be a little bit different in the East Riding.

Click here to visit the NHS website for more information on annual health checks.