Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures for Goole

Please note this web page is not being updated and serves as an archive of information. To find out about current work to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in the Goole area, please visit our Humber Acute Services Review page.

During 2013-2014 we started a review of services at Goole Hospital.  We continue to develop Goole Hospital into a vibrant facility and a modern asset to the local community  that meets the health and wellbeing needs of the local population by providing the services they need in a safe,
sustainable, affordable way well into the future.

Urgent Care Services Consultation and Goole Minor Injury Unit

We have completed a formal public consultation in January 2017 which included options that will affect future services at the Goole minor injury unit.  Click this link to find out more about our urgent care consultation.

To develop our vision for Goole, we have worked with local partners and stakeholders including Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, local GP practices and patient representatives, hospital governors and staff, local MP, local Councillors, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sector.


Further informationa about our Healthy Lives Healthy Futures review.  This review has resulted in :

  • Introducing more use of the inpatient beds to keep people closer to home as they recover from illness or surgery.
  • Reviewing the Minor Injury service to ensure it continues to offer high quality, safe services.
  • Supporting the Foundation Trust to develop the range of services they offer and raise the profile of Goole Hospital as a great choice for planned surgery and for receiving outpatients, diagnostics and day case treatment.
  • Continuing to develop a Health Campus providing a wider range of complementary health and wellbeing services that better meet the needs of the local population.


During this initial planning phase, we looked at lots of information about the hospital and the health needs of the Goole community and planned our engagement approach.  We are committed to involving a wide range of stakeholders our developments.  We decided to invite people in the Goole area and from organisations with an interest in health services in Goole to join a Stakeholder Liaison Group to help us to develop our plans for developing the Goole hospital site.

Deciding on our vision for Goole Hospital with the Stakeholder Liaison Group

We had a great response to our invitation for local stakeholders to join a Stakeholder Liaison Group.  The Group is made up of representatives from many parts of the community including local GPs, practice and patient representatives, hospital governors and staff, the local MP, local town and county councillors, Healthwatch and the voluntary and community sector.  In the planning stage, regular meetings were held with the Stakeholder Liaison Group where we shared the information we had about the Goole Hospital and the health needs of the Goole population and worked with the group to shape the way forward. 

Click here to look at information that was shared with and produced by this group.

Turning our vision into in reality through the Programme Board and Workstreams

After lots of careful consideration and planning with the Stakeholder Liaison Group, it was good to move into the 'doing' part of the project.  The Programme Board and the four Workstreams include membership from the Stakeholder Liaison Group and a brief description of how the four workstreams are getting on is below:

Minor Injury Services (MIU) workstream

The MIU workstream discussed recommendations from the review of the MIU and agreed a future service specification:

  • The unit will continue to be open 24/7 under the reviewed specification
  • It will be staffed with a dedicated doctor during the hours 8am – 10pm.  From 10pm to 8am, the service will be delivered by ENPs with medical backup from the on site hospital doctor and the on call A&E consultant. 

Inpatient medical beds workstream

This workstream agreed a clinical model to improve use of the Goole Hospital medical beds to support:

• Point of care testing (POCT) – rapid diagnostic tests and availability of results.
• Rehabilitation Unit – to provide treatments that will help to avoid acute hospital admission.
• Step-up/Step-down care – for people requiring additional medical support after surgery or illness.
• Palliative care – for patients at end of life.
• Day attendances - for patients receiving treatment not requiring inpatient admission e.g. blood transfusion.

Elective Care Services workstream

This workstream looked at raising the profile of Goole Hospital as a place of choice for planned surgery, outpatients, diagnostics and day case services.  They reviewed specialties to identify any other elective care services that could be based at Goole and looked at targeted marketing of existing services to raise awareness and increase referrals to the site.  The workstream agreed to look at the four specialties below in phase 1 as they feel these have the most potential to attract increased activity:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Gynaecology
  • Endoscopy

Goole Health Campus workstream

The Health Campus is a model of care where as well as more traditional hospital services, a varied range of health, social care and wider wellbeing services come together onto the same site to meet the health, care and wider wellbeing needs of the local population. The development of the Health Campus model fits in alongside the more traditional health services offered on the Goole Hospital site but is about establishing a much wider view of the site’s potential going forward.  As a result of engagement with stakeholders and partner organisations, an extensive list of possible service developments were proposed.  

Click here to view a report giving more information about the Goole development programme.


Stakeholder Liaison Group Meetings

July 2014

In July we agreed the feedback report from the May meeting.  

Agenda for the July Event

Information that was presented at our July event

Click here to read a press release that gives information about plans resulting from our stakeholder involvement

May 2014

In May we agreed the feedback report from the March meeting.  We discussed proposals for our Programme Board and Workstreams to take forward developments on the Goole Hospital site.  We also considered and proposals for wider engagement with the community of Goole and the surrounding area regarding developments for Goole Hospital.

Agenda for May Event

Information that was presented at our May event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole - Stakeholder Feedback Report May 2014

March 2014

In March we held a shorter Stakeholder Liaison Meeting which made room for a public engagement session for the wider Healthy Lives Healthy Futures proposals.  The event was an opportunity to:

  • Find out more about the proposals
  • Ask questions
  • Give views

The March feedback report contains feedback from both parts of the event.

Agenda for March Event

Information that was presented at our March event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole and the wider review - Stakeholder Feedback Report March 2014

February 2014

In February we agreed feedback from the December meeting.  We looked at feedback given at a Partners Event regarding ideas for the Health Campus Model.  We also had an overview of the wider Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Programme proposals that are currently the focus of a major public involvement campaign.  In March we will open the meeting to the wider public to offer an opportunity to consider these proposals and give feedback.

Agenda for February Event

Information that was Presented at our February Event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole - Stakeholder Feedback Report - February 2014

December 2013

At this meeting, we gave an overview of feedback from the August Stakeholder Liaison Group.  We then went on to outline our thinking on the model which is emerging, based on previous discussions, for the requirements of future services provided at Goole and District Hospital.  This was followed by a group discussion on the emerging model, how it would potentially operate and whether the Liaison Group felt the model was ‘about right’.

Agenda for December Stakeholder Event

Information that was presented at our December event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole - Stakeholder Feedback  Report December 2013

October 2013

At our last meeting in October we looked at the emerging model.  This focus on the development of Goole Hospital is as a local asset based on the principle of “centralise where necessary, localise where possible” and to optimise access to services for local people to address local health needs.  

Our next steps will be to set up work streams to look at the emerging model in more detail and these, along with our future engagement plan, will be discussed at our next stakeholder meeting in December.  

Agenda for October Stakeholder Event

Information that was presented at our October event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole - Stakeholder Feedback Report October 2013

August 2013

We had a very positive second meeting on 9 August where we presented the feedback from the first meeting along with a final draft of our Evaluation Criteria tool for the review which has been changed to reflect feedback from the Liaison Group.  Around 35 people attended the meeting and we worked with them to test some health service areas against the new Evaluation Criteria tool to show how it works.

Agenda for August Stakeholder Event

Information that was presentated at our August event

Healthy Lives Healthy Futures Goole Evaluation Criteria final draft

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures for Goole - Stakeholder Feedback Report August 2013

June 2013
At our first meeting in June we shared initial thoughts and discussed ways in which we can involve our stakeholders and members of the local community on an ongoing basis while we develop proposals, together, for the future use of this key facility for the local health and care community.  

Agenda for June Stakeholder Event

Information that was presented at our June event

ERYCCG Healthy Lives Healthy Futures - Stakeholder Feedback Report June 2013