Frequently Asked Questions - Urgent Treatment Services

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why are patients that could ordinarily be treated at an MIU not being signposted to an 8 to 8 Centre?
    We are aware that a number of people who attended the Minor Injury Units did so inappropriately. Around half received of those who attended received either advice or guidance only, which could be given through NHS111, or treatment which should be picked up through planned care services, such as wound clinics.

    NHS111 will assess symptoms and give advice on where to go for treatment or, if clinically appropriate, arrange an appointment at an 8 to 8 Centre.
  2. Why are residents of Withernsea and Driffield being directed to Beverley or Bridlington for things like an infected finger and a sprained ankle?
    Every patient that calls NHS111 is different and whilst they may present with for example a ‘sprained ankle’ not every sprained ankle will be appropriate for an 8-8 Centre, some may only need self-care advice, some may present with other accompanying symptoms e.g. numbness in toes which could signify something else going on that would need to be clinically managed on a different pathway. 

    Another example could be a cut finger, again some patients may only need self-care advice, some may present with other more complex symptoms that would require UTC or A&E level interventions. These would include:

    - Free flowing blood from the wound present for a number of minutes
    - A wound that has an irregular shape, loss of skin, underlying tissue showing, or 1inch long, ½ inch deep
    - A wound where there is a loss of normal movement (suggestive of bone or ligament damage)

    Where the condition is clinically appropriate for an 8 to 8 Centre appointment but also falls within the list for Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs), the 8 to 8 Centre will come up first on the list before the UTC.

    If anyone has any concerns about their individual experience, they should contact our patient relations team on 01482 672047 so their case can be thoroughly looked into.
  3. What do I do if I have an injury but don’t have transport?
    If you are unsure where to go for treatment, the best action is to call NHS111 who will assess the situation and offer advice based on clinical need.

    People in Withernsea who do not have any other means of transport will be assessed by an NHS111 call handler and, if an Urgent Treatment Centre is identified as the most appropriate place for them to go, these individuals will have transport to and from an Urgent Treatment Centre arranged for them by CHCP.  In developing this solution, the CCG particularly took into account the significant distance to the nearest Urgent Treatment Centre, the rural isolation, poor access to public transport, the high levels of deprivation and the low car ownership of Withernsea, which is not the case in other parts of the East Riding.
  4. Why don’t NHS111 staff know about the existence of the 8 to 8 Centres?
    NHS 111 is available to provide help and advice for those who need genuine care and attention. If an 8 to 8 Centre is appropriate for the symptoms a patient presents with, it will show up for the NHS111 call handler to give as an option.

    The staff at NHS 111 deal with thousands of calls every day for a wide range of NHS services including dental queries, for example.  The call handlers also cover a wide geographical area.  Ringing to ask questions about the 8 to 8 Centre or the type of service a person might receive for a hypothetical illness may prevent NHS 111 call handlers and clinical advisors from dealing with callers in genuine need of urgent treatment.

    The CCG has a dedicated member of staff working on the Directory of Service to ensure that the information and algorithms work appropriately.
  5. Can I call NHS 111 and ask for an appointment at an 8 to 8 centre without being asked lots of questions?
    No.  We are aware that a number of people who attended the Minor Injury Unit did so inappropriately. By calling NHS 111 the patient will be directed to the most appropriate treatment.  Appointments at an 8 to 8 Centre are booked through NHS 111, however if the symptoms presented with are not appropriate, this centre will not show up for the NHS 111 call handler to give as an option.
  6. Why does my call to NHS 111 take so long?
    The average length of calls to NHS 111 (non-clinicians) is consistently under 8 minutes.  For any call to last much longer than this, it would suggest this included a referral to an NHS 111 clinical advisor. 
  7. We have been up to the Hospital on an evening and a weekend and there has not been anyone there. Does this mean the service is not available?
    The 8 to 8 Centre does not offer a walk in service, but if a patient has a booked appointment (through NHS111) a member of staff who is appropriately trained to assess and treat them will be there for that appointment.
  8. Who is staffing the 8 to 8 Centre?
    The 8 to 8 centre provides a range of community services, and minor injury appointments are carried out within the community nursing team by appropriately trained staff.
  9. How many people have been treated at the 8 to 8 Centres since they opened?
    For patients calling NHS 111 from within the East Riding of Yorkshire area, we are aware that referrals have been made by NHS 111 for appointments at 8 to 8 Centres “service selected”. 

    We receive detailed quarterly reviews from NHS 111 and will be able to give more statistics in a couple months’ time including:

    - Reason for the call (symptoms)
    - The outcome (disposition)
    - Service selected
    - Service rejected
  10. Could you also tell me exactly what type of symptoms the centre is capable of dealing with?
    8 to 8 Centres can assess and treat a number of minor injuries such as

    - cuts and grazes
    - sprains and strains
    - wound and wound infections
    - minor burns and scalds
    - minor head injuries
    - insect and animal bites.

    However, all patients are different; some may only need self-care advice, or some may present with other accompanying symptoms which could signify something else going on that would need to be clinically managed on a different pathway.  By calling NHS111 the patient will be directed to the most appropriate treatment.
  11. We have heard that there have been some problems with a patient being treated in an ambulance outside the 8 to 8 centre. Why is that?
    If an NHS111 call handler has requested an ambulance it will be because they felt that an ambulance was appropriate in that circumstance, which may be life or limb threatening. If this is the case, an 8 to 8 Centre would not be clinically appropriate.
  12. Why doesn’t NHS 111 online signpost people to the 8 to 8 centre?
    NHS 111 online is a new national service which is managed centrally and is currently being piloted in various locations across the country.  As a CCG, we are not publicising this service and will not be in a position to do so until advised that the pilot work is complete.

    The 8-8 service has not been included as an option on the online system as it is local to the East Riding of Yorkshire area and access is only available by someone calling NHS111 so that an appointment can be arranged for them.  The online system does not have software to book appointments.
  13. The 8 to 8 Centre is only accessible through calling NHS 111 and not through the online NHS 111. Are there any plans to include the centre on the online version?
    The 8 to 8 Centre is only accessible through calling NHS 111. We will be feeding comments back to the national team during the pilot of the online service.


Additional questions were raised at our Annual General Meeting in September 2018. These are available here.