Public Information Videos

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to be high across the Humber region, we are sharing short videos of our NHS leaders from across the Humber region:

Coronavirus vaccine information in other languages.
Local GPs across the Humber, Coast and Vale have filmed an important message in multiple languages* to encourage vaccine confidence and dispel vaccine myths and misinformation. The videos can be viewed on YouTube here. *We will be adding more languages to this playlist.

The festive period can be difficult for our emotional wellbeing. Mike Reeve asks everyone not to suffer in silence; mental health services are here to help you with 24/7 helplines available. View the message by going to YouTube. For tips on how to look after yourself go to


Our local NHS continues to treat many people with coronavirus, and deal with all the normal pressures winter brings.  Please watch Dr Faisel Baig talk about how we can all help and support our NHS family throughout this difficult time and stay safe. There are simple steps you can do such as, following the guidance, continuing to wash your hands, wearing a face covering, maintaining social distancing, isolating when needed and using local NHS services responsibly. Finally, we would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021. View here

Winter can be a challenging time for the health of many people, and this is no ordinary winter. However, there are steps we can all take to avoid common winter illnesses or prevent them becoming worse especially if we are living with a health condition. Local GP and Clinical Chief Officer of North East Lincolnshire CCG Dr Peter Melton talks about what people can do to help them stay well this winter.  View here 




Despite the number of coronavirus cases falling across the Humber, many people are still experiencing the longer term impact of contracting the virus.  After testing positive for COVID, some people recover quickly, whilst others may experience an impact on their physical and mental health for some time.  Watch local GP, Dr Amy Oehring, offer her professional advice on how to recover well after a bout of COVID. You can watch the video here.


We’ve exited the national lockdown with COVID transmission rates in our communities declining, thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of everyone. It remains critically important that we continue to follow and respect the new Tier 3 restrictions that are in place to ensure we can continue to drive the infection rate down. Watch Stephen Pintus, Director of Health and Wellbeing, talk about why the Humber region is now in Tier 3 and remind everyone of the restrictions. You can watch the video here



There is now enough flu vaccine to offer it to 50 to 64 year olds. Watch Dr Shekhawat explain why this year, more than ever, if you’re eligible you should get your free flu vaccine when invited. Click here to view Dr Shekhawat's video.





Dr Anne Jeffreys, local GP, reassures what to do if you have a symptom that could be cancer or are worried about your pregnancy.  Dr Jeffreys also reminds us of some simple rules we can all observe when visiting local NHS services to ensure we keep our staff safe and continue to see patients safely. Click here to view Dr Jeffrey's video.


Dr Ekta Elston, local GP, provides reassurance that GP practices are open and working hard to ensure patients’ needs are met in the safest way possible. You can help us by using telephone or online services where possible, getting a test and isolating if you have symptoms and only visiting A&E if it is an emergency. Click here to view Dr Elston's video.




Dr James Crick, local public health consultant, reminds people of the importance of isolating to help reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus and support NHS services across the Humber region. Click here to view Dr Crick’s video.





Emma Latimer, in her role as Chair of the Local Resilience Forum’s Humber Health Cell thanks health and care staff for their hard work during these unprecedented times as well as reminding people that the NHS is here for you when you need it.  Click here to view Emma’s video.




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