Governing Body Meetings

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend the public section of our Governing Body meetings. Details of meetings, agendas and papers can be found below.

If you have any queries about our Governing Body or require copies of previous meeting papers, click this link to contact us, or telephone us on 01482 672156.


Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, as the successor body to the CCG, will take place at 09:30am on Friday 01 July 2022. 

Members of the public are invited to observe this meeting which is being held virtually.  Please note there is not an opportunity for public questions during this meeting.  You can observe this meeting by clicking the following link on the day of the meeting:

Papers will be made available before the meeting at  Should you require any of these documents in an alternative format, or if you require additional support to access these meetings, please contact:  

Date Time Venue Agenda
15th March 2022 3.15pm This meeting took place virtually. View

21st December 2021

1.30pm This meeting took place virtually. View
21st September 2021 1.30pm This meeting took place virtually. View
15th June 2021 3.30pm This meeting took place virtually. View
16th March 2021 3pm This meeting took place virtually. View
15th December 2020                   2pm          This meeting took place virtually. View
16th September 2020          1pm This meeting took place virtually. View
17th March 2020          1.30pm Talbot Suite, Willerby Manor Hotel, Well Lane, Willerby View
17th September 2019 1.30pm   The Courtyard, Boothferry Road, Goole, DN14 6AE View
17th December 2019 1.30pm Boardroom, Health House, Willerby View
18th June 2019      1.30pm  Boardroom, Health House, Willerby View
19th March 2019      2.00pm Boardroom, Health House, Willerby View
18 December 2018 1:45pm Board Room, Health House, Willerby


CCG News

18 September 2018 1.30pm Willerby Manor Hotel, Well Lane, Willerby, HU10 6EP View
19 June 2018 1.30pm The Courtyard, Boothferry, Road, Goole, DN14 6AE


Annual Report

CCG News

20 March 2018 2.30pm Health House, Willerby

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

19 December 2017 2.15pm Mercure Hotel, Willerby View
19 September 2017 2.00pm Memorial Hall, Beverley, HU17 8HN View
20 June 2017 2.30pm Room 1, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA View
21 March 2017 2:30 pm Meeting Rooms 1&2, Health House, Willerby View

Audio-Digital Recording of Meetings
East Riding of Yorkshire CCG is committed to being open and transparent in the way it undertakes its decision making and accepts that the audio and/or video recording of meetings held in public can improve transparency and record keeping. Where possible the CCG will accommodate members of the public who wish to record CCG meetings, whilst also being respectful of the rights of members of the public or staff who may not wish to be recorded.

People wishing to film, photograph, or make an audio recording of proceedings should give prior notice to the CCG of their intentions to film or record prior to the commencement of the meeting. This can be done by notifying the Head of Corporate Governance and Organisational Development at: 

In order to prevent any disruption to the meetings audio/ digital recordings should only be made from the designated public seating area and with the knowledge of the Chair of the meeting. People should also be mindful of the following:

  1. Filming, photography or audio recordings should not be disruptive and distracting to the good conduct of the meeting and recording devices must be set in silent mode.
  2. No flash or additional lighting is permitted.
  3. Filming, photography or audio recordings should normally be taken from one fixed position and must not obstruct others from observing proceedings.
  4. Attendees will be advised at the start of the meeting that is being filmed, photographed or audio recorded.
  5. There shall be no oral commentary permitted in the meeting.

A person undertaking the filming or audio recording shall respect any request from members of the public/ staff that do not wish to be filmed or recorded. Staff who do not wish to be filmed should make this known to the chair at the beginning of the meeting.

The Chair of the meeting has the right to instruct that filming, photographing or audio recordings be stopped at any point during the meeting, for example:

  1. There is a public disturbance or suspension/ adjournment of the meeting.
  2. The recording has become disruptive or distracting to the good order of the meeting.
  3. If the agenda item covers a patient story/ information and the Chair feels that explicit/ informed consent has not been obtained or it would breach confidentiality.
  4. During the parts of the meeting where the public have been excluded from the meeting due to the nature of the business being discussed i.e. exempt or confidential items.

The CCG allows reporting/ recording to take place only in accordance with its legal obligations and takes no responsibility for, nor will accept any liabilities for, any filmed/ recorded/photographed material made by any persons or its subsequent use or publication. The audio/ digital recordings should not be used for any commercial gain.