Get Help Sooner

From 1 October 2018, we are introducing a new way of working with GP Practices throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire that will make it easier for you to get help sooner.

The next time you contact your GP practice to book an appointment a specially trained receptionist will ask you some basic questions about your condition. With this information and access to a local directory of healthcare services, they can provide you with options for seeing a healthcare professional or service that is more appropriate for your condition. This means you don’t have to wait to see your doctor first.

It’s your choice… you can Get Help Sooner.

Services available are:

Optometry (minor eye conditions)
Urgent Treatment Centres



The best way to deal with many dental problems is with treatment through the dental team. If you experience any of the following conditions please contact your dentist first. If you don’t have a dentist you can contact one of the practices listed, that are accepting new dental patients.

  • Trauma (involving dental tissues with lost, loose or broken teeth; bleeding gums; minor cuts and bruising to the lips)
  • Inside the mouth (loose teeth; broken or sharp teeth; lost fillings; toothache; bleeding or swollen gums; lumps/bumps/ulcers/blisters; loose or broken crowns/bridges or dentures; bad taste/bad breath
  • Outside the mouth (jaw joint pain/clicking/restricted opening)

Click here for a list of local dentists.

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Optometry (minor eye conditions)

Without the need for a GP referral, your local optometry service can deal with the following conditions:

  • Flashes or floaters (lights, spots in front of the eye)
  • Sudden changes in vision (but not loss of vision)
  • Eye pain or discomfort (injury, discharge, sticky)
  • Red eye
  • Something in the eye
  • Emergency contact lens removal
  • Dry gritty eye
  • Watery eye
  • In-growing eyelashes
  • Lumps and bumps on lids or lashes or around the eye
  • Recent onset double vision

You must be 18 or over and registered with an East Riding of Yorkshire GP.

Click here for a list of local opticians

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Urgent Treatment Centres

You should visit your nearest Urgent Treatment Centre if you have an urgent injury that is not serious, life or limb threatening. Visit our Urgent Treatment Centres page for information on what is treatable and your nearest centre.

If you are unsure, call NHS 111 for advice.

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Further information

To download a Get Help Sooner leaflet with more information about the service, click here.

All GP Practices in the East Riding of Yorkshire are taking part in our Get Help Sooner approach except for Willerby & Swanland, The Mitchell Practice in North Ferriby and Practice 2 in Bridlington. Greengates Medical Group will commence Get Help Sooner on Thursday 1 November 2018.

Click here to view a list of the practices taking part.