Stakeholder workshops

We had a great response to our invitation to join an urgent care stakeholder group.  The group is made up of patient, clinical, partner and community representatives from across the East Riding with a special interest in urgent care services who are helping us by giving feedback and views on our planning process as we prepare to engage more widely.  

**Please note that the papers published here were shared with the stakeholder group to stimulate discussion at the meeting and are not necessarily the final versions. All final versions of documents are published on our Publications and resources page

Stakeholder Workshop 3 - October 2016
At this workshop, we shared our proposed options for consultation that will be considered by our Governing Body on 18 October 2016.  All the potential scenarios previously discussed (and more) had been tested and scored using the agreed criteria.  This had helped us to identify our options for formal consultation.

Subject to Governing Body approval, the period of formal public consultation is expected to start on 25 October 2016 until 17 January 2017.

Stakeholder Workshop 3 - presentation

Stakeholder Workshop 2 - August 2016
At this workshop, we shared the final criteria and weightings which demonstrate the views from each of our different groups (Public, Clinicians and Governing Body).  We also had a lively discussion about our plans for transforming the use of our community beds, which helped inform our proposed options for consultation. 

Stakeholder Workshop 2 - presentation
Stakeholder Workshop 2 handout - community beds background

Workshop feedback report May 2016

Scenario appraisal for urgent care centres - final weightings
Scenario appraisal for community beds - final weightings

Stakeholder Workshop 1 - May 2016
At this workshop, we gave an overview of our Urgent Care Strategy and our vision for the future. We then shared our potential scenarios for future configuration of urgent care services and asked for views on the weightings of our urgent care review evaluation criteria.  

Stakeholder workshop 1 - presentation

Urgent Care Evaluation Criteria - Draft
Community Beds Evaluation Criteria - Draft
Long list of possible Urgent Care scenarios - Draft
Long list of possible Community Beds scenarios - Draft