Ambition for Health

Ambition for Health

Ambition for Health is a five-year programme to deliver joined-up and transformed health and social care services for local people, in a way that is effective and financially sustainable.

The programme is a collaboration between NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG and seven other local NHS and local authority organisations, and covers the Bridlington, Scarborough, Ryedale and Filey areas.

The NHS and social care are facing many challenges in our area. These challenges are why we need to do things differently:

  • Changing health needs of communities creating more demand for health and care services.
  • Poor health outcomes for people living in deprived and geographically isolated areas.
  • Workforce pressures from an inability to recruit and retain staff.
  • Financial pressures from a reduction in funding for health and care services.

Ambition for Health aims to transform three key aspects of health and social care:

  • Inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Care at home – joined up health and social care in our communities
  • Delivering sustainable services for local people.

How to get involved

Ambition for Health discussion events will take place during September 2016, and you can also join our engagement networks to help us shape what local health and social care looks like in the future.

In Bridlington you can join our Involve patient and public network.

To find out more about Ambition for Health, download the Vision document.

The Ambition for Health programme is how we are delivering the Humber, Coast & Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) on a more local level.