Improving health and wellbeing in Bridlington

Improving health and wellbeing in

In 2015, led by GPs, local health and social care organisations, we won the opportunity to access £10.7 million funding from NHS England to develop new premises for the Bridlington area.
The aim is to provide local people with a range of health and social care services in a better, more joined up way that will meet the needs of everyone both now and well into the future.  In order to secure the investment, an outline business case is now being developed for submission to NHS England as part of the next stage in seeking formal approval.

On 19 May 2016, we held two public drop-in events to share our plans and seek your views on how services could be re-designed to improve patient care.  Click here to view the presentation from the events.

The afternoon session was attended by 60 people, with 30 people attending the evening session.  A range of potential ideas for the future were shared ranging from ‘do nothing’ to the creation of one ‘health and wellbeing centre’. 

    The ideas in brief (click on the headings for more information about each idea):

    Current facilities remain as they are now.  There may be some service developments but not as part of a structured developmental project.

      Improvements to multi-disciplinary team working; better use of IT to improve integrated working and availability of information, some refurbishment of existing facilities.

      A “hub” to house some services which will benefit from co-location (integration or economies of scale), with existing GP practices as “spokes”.

      Health & social care hub co-located on hospital site, with health and social centres to north and south of Bridlington.

      One building to house 5 GP practices, adult social work / caring support services, community clinics and specialist nursing services, voluntary sector services and public health services.

      There was a lot of lively debate on the pros and cons of each possible idea and we asked people to give us an informal view of their preferred model:

      Model* In favour In favour with reservations Not in favour Neither in or not in favour
      Do nothing / do minimum 8 1 59 2
      Hub and spoke 12 7 19 15
      3-campus model 31 10 52 23
      Health and Wellbeing Centre 75 4 8 10

      *The scores add up to a higher number than the total attendees, suggestive of elements of duplication.

      We are continuing to work through the details of each idea and will assess these against a range of criteria.  This will help us develop a shortlist of options that will be costed and included in our Business Case to NHS England.  The feedback report is available here.

      A big thank you to everyone who took the time to attend our public drop in events.