In August 2014, we nominated six of our employees for the NHS Regional Leadership Awards, hosted by Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber.

The good news is one employee Dr Gina Palumbo was short-listed as a finalist for the 'Inspirational Leader of the Year' award.

All the nominations are below:

Dr Gina Palumbo - Inspirational Leader of the Year finalist

For being passionate about patients, the public and self-care, and for having an inspirational leadership that others look up to and respect. She is the kind of GP who knows all  her patients by name and can offer great expertise, insight and continuity of care.

Her journey from a practice based part time GP to being a pioneer spearheading the CCG has inspired a number of emerging successors from amongst her peers, encouraging them to follow in her footsteps.

Her path to inspirational leadership began eight years ago when her  four children reached an age where she could work full time. It was at this time that she became interested in wider NHS issues. Gina attended a meeting at her local Primary Care Trust (PCT) and encountered a few managers and even fewer GPs trying to draft a list of priorities for commissioning.  It hit Gina that she felt siloed and disconnected from the broader care of her patients and was unable to really act as their informed advocate.  She realised the potential of working collaboratively with the commissioning managers and other providers.

Gina joined the PCT's clinical advisory committee, eventually becoming Chair, and a Fellow of the Clinical Leaders Network. Her early message to fellow GPs was a request to lead on changing clinical behaviour and increasing collaboration. Now her offer to patients is a different conversation with a true partnership of experts.

Under Gina’s leadership, a whole cohort of family doctors have ventured into leadership roles with the CCG. Three GPs from our Goole, Howdenshire and West Wolds locality  are now leading an innovative locality hub. This involves working in partnership with other local health and social care providers to commission and implement a ‘Rapid Response Service’ for individuals with medium to high intensity needs within the community.

Gina’s journey from part time family doctor to CCG Clinical Chair, with practically single handed credit for bringing along a host of potential successors makes her an inspirational leader.


Hilary Gledhill, nominated for Collaborative Leader

For her fantastic work around Putting Patients First which was based around the Francis 2 recommendations and more recently the Hard Truths pledges.

Hilary brought together the local health community that hadn't traditionally worked across boundaries together. She also led on the Francis 2 Programme Board to advance the cause of patient safety and quality to a level of aspiration beyond that which it was possible to achieve individually. Due to this Hilary gained the respect of other local organisation leaders and fostered true partnership working.

The work involved agreeing on shared Francis recommendations and working toward shared protocols to improve patient safety and quality of services for the Hull and East Riding communities. This culminated in two events:  a CEO Summit; and a Patient and Public event involving all of the leaders of local organisations and 80 local patients.

The main focus were three identified work streams from the Francis recommendations;

• Complaints
• Patient Experience
• Duty of Candour

Every participant had the opportunity to offer feedback on each of the themed workshops to shape the future of local NHS services. This finished with a pledge from  senior provider stakeholders that in 6 months’ time letters would be sent to each participant on the work and actions completed based on the patient feedback.

Hilary also introduced an individual concerns process in April 2013 and encouraged local NHS providers within Primary Care, particularly GP practices and care homes, to report concerns about the quality and safety of the services commissioned by East Riding of Yorkshire CCG.


Craig Dobson, nominated for NHS Innovator of the year

In recognition of his creative and dynamic approach to tackling the challenges we face in recruiting doctors into General Practice. This is a national issue, but locally Craig was instrumental in setting up a bursary for doctors to undertake an MBA at the Hull University Business School which is world renowned in Systems Thinking.

Working in such a complex system as the NHS requires our clinicians to be better equipped to lead on Commissioning. Craig promoted this great opportunity to help develop leaders locally and has plans to offer other educational bursaries in the future.

He also worked with our lead nurse Hilary Gledhill to support practice nurses to train as mentors for student nurses who otherwise would have very little experience of working as part of a primary care team. We hope that the six week student nurse placement will attract them back into Practice Nursing as a career choice.

Both the schemes were accepted as posters at the RCGP conference and Craig continues to work with our commissioning managers, the Local Education and Training Board and the NHS Leadership Academy and more great ideas are under development.

View our Educational Bursary poster and our Nurse Mentors poster.


Sally Ann Spencer-Grey, nominated for Patient Champion

For being an extremely effective and important member of the CCG.

Not only is Sally a lay member for the CCG she is also an academic and a member of a charity which helps former members of the armed forces to integrate back into society.

As someone new to a leadership role in an NHS commissioning organisation, Sally has brought with her a number of new skill sets. She has a constant mindfulness in our members of the patient at the centre of the commissioning process as well as an unerring ability to eloquently represent and support the cause of patients, carers and the public.

Sally is always available to the CCG, patients and the public and has a very ‘hands on’ approach, such as meeting with networks in local communities.  She has made the rounds of many local voluntary and community organisations and patient groups to spread the message about how they can become involved with the CCG’s decision making processes.

She has many achievements at the CCG, but one in particular is the promotion of our patient network ‘involve’ she has been instrumental in recruiting members of the public and patients into this.

Sally’s commitment to openness and transparency has become infectious and it has helped to calm situations that may have become adversarial and to raise the reputation of the CCG in the eyes of the public.


Dr Frank Thornton, nominated for Emerging Leader

For being strongly committed to improving health outcomes in the small town of Goole.

His path to emerging leader began two and a half years ago when he joined the former local Primary Care Trust’s Clinical Leadership Executive.  He realised the potential of working collaboratively with the commissioning managers and other providers.

He leads the CCGs Service Redesign and Commissioning Committee (SRCC) with flair –considering all issues in an even handed way, listening to everyone, and enabling everyone to contribute their views. He is also valued as a member of the local Health and Wellbeing Board.

Frank has an enthusiasm for change and embraces improved health outcomes that can be reached through service redesign.  He recently ventured into a significant leadership role with the CCG on behalf the Goole, Howdenshire and West Wolds locality to which he belongs. He is now jointly leading an innovative locality hub project implementation which involves working in partnership with other local health and social care providers to commission and implement a ‘Rapid Response Service’ for individuals with medium to high intensity needs within the community and deliver a two hour response.

Frank is also clinical lead for the CCGs Productive Elective programme which combines several innovative projects aimed at more effectively managing elective care.

Frank is instrumental and works very hard on behalf of the CCG, despite being a Goole GP and this programme being directed toward the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust which is not used by the majority of his patients.


Matthew Groom, nominated for NHS Developement Champion of the Year

For being someone who gets things done and is great at translating ideas into action. He leads his team to achieve clear outcomes providing the service support behind the two recent RCGP posters celebrating ERYCCG based initiatives.

Matthew's main achievement that led to this nomination was his engagement with nurses, doctors, managers, patients, the press and colleagues empowering them to find solutions to recruitment and retention issues locally.

Working with his team he helped develop the nurse mentor scheme using educational bursaries to attract practice nurses to becoming nurse mentors training nursing students. This scheme will allow practices to "Grow their own nurse" in the future. The figures taking part in the scheme were extraordinary; initially he aimed for 5 and ended up with 11 which he was able to find the extra funding for.

Similarly he and his team were able to use the above contacts and Hull Business School to offer an educational bursary for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) to attract General Practitioners into our area.

Matthew is always positive with a can do attitude and he always finds time to find solutions to problems. He is always ready to support good initiatives and help keep them based in reality. He also helps others to lead in their areas such as myself in workforce development.