East Riding Health Partners explain how the new urgent treatment services work and reiterate their commitment to providing the agreed level of service in Withernsea

Jane Hawkard, Chief Officer at East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), along with representatives from City Health Care Partnership CIC and Yorkshire Ambulance Service (which runs NHS 111) has today met with Graham Stuart MP and Withernsea Councillors to discuss in detail how the new urgent treatment services work across the East Riding area.

Speaking after the meeting, Jane Hawkard said: “This was a positive meeting in which we welcomed the opportunity to talk through the concerns local people have raised directly with us and with their local MP, Graham Stuart, and Councillors.  As health partners and community representatives, we are all agreed that we are working towards the same aim and are “on the cusp” of ensuring that the bookable urgent care service provided in Withernsea matches that which we have agreed to deliver.” 

The CCG is already reviewing all the individual concerns raised to date and, in response to feedback received in the first few days, has already made changes to the system that helps direct people to the right clinical service for them.  People can help further with this through continuing to share their personal experiences of services.

Jane added: “We discussed ways in which we can continue to enhance our communications to better explain how the new 8 to 8 centres work.  We have agreed for local Councillors to spend time with the service provider, CHCP and offered to demonstrate how the NHS 111 system (NHS Pathways) works in order to build the trust of local people in the service and staff.”

As with the introduction of any new service, the CCG is closely monitoring implementation of the changes that will be fully evaluated once the service has been in operation for a suitable length of time.

Another key part of today’s discussion focussed on the wider health and wellbeing needs of Withernsea residents that are predominantly related to increasing long-term conditions.  The CCG continues to proactively work with the local GP practice, partner organisations and local communities in Withernsea to improve population health and promote wider wellbeing so that people can live healthy and independent lives.

Jane Hawkard continues: “We have a keen interest in supporting people to self-care and stay as healthy as possible.  We know that, in Withernsea, there are higher rates of people living with a long-term condition and Graham is particularly supportive of the work we are doing to help prevent diabetes and empower patients to better understand how to improve their condition.  We have agreed to continue to keep Graham and local councillors apprised of the positive progress we are making.”

Initiatives to improve health and wellbeing in Withernsea:

  • A Rapid Response service, accessible by all four GP Practices in Holderness, assists with home visits to patients at risk of admission to hospital who need to be seen as quickly as possible for assessment of their health and care needs to make the best and right decision with them regarding their care.
  • A new Consultant led Community Dermatology Service allows patients in Holderness to benefit from the expertise of specialist staff for their routine dermatology care and treatment, closer to home.
  • Community link workers available in the Holderness GP practices assists people with getting the right non-medical help, support and guidance they need to help improve their ability to self-care and stay well, e.g. befriending services, welfare support, low-level stress and anxiety, weight management, etc.
  • Working with Withernsea High School encouraging young people to make positive lifestyle changes, increase their career aspirations and encourage intergenerational engagement activities to help improve everyone’s overall health and wellbeing.
  • Working in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Sport England to trail-blaze new ways to build a healthier, more active community and make it easier for local residents to access sport and physical activity.
  • First aid and mental health first aid training to business in the town helps to improve the wellbeing of their staff.
  • We continue to improve diabetes care in Withernsea working with the GP Practice to improve information and raise the profile of lifestyle changes to help reduce the chance of local people developing diabetes.
  • Working with GP Practices to improve the availability of information and education of type 2 diabetes to help empower local residents to make positive lifestyle changes and reduce their risk of developing the condition.

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