Urology One-stop-shop at Malton

Changes to the urology diagnostic service at York

A one-stop-shop service is now provided from Malton Hospital for those people that access the service via the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  

This means that, from October 2015, all patients who are referred to the urology diagnostic service will only require one appointment instead of three separate appointments. 

This will help to ensure the service is able to manage the increasing number of patients requiring urology diagnostic tests in the future.

Although some patients may have a little further to travel, overall, it will be a far more convenient and efficient service due to the reduction in the total number of appointments that patients need to attend. 

Combining clinical staff from the two hospital sites into a single team will overcome the current capacity issues and ultimately provide a better service to patients, with shorter waiting times and less risk of appointments being cancelled.  We know from previous patient feedback that although having to travel to access NHS services is not ideal, the quality of the care and treatment received is most important.  Other parts of the urology service will not be affected by these changes, which only apply to the urology diagnostic service.

Support for the introduction of a one-stop-shop in Malton

Below are highlights from our patient survey results.   

361 people responded.  All had used the urology diagnostic service within the last three months.
80% were male
20% were female
80% overall were aged 65 or older (27% of these were over the age of 80)
44% described themselves as having some kind of disability
65% had had three or more appointments
92% rated the service as good or excellent
48% were from the Vale of York CCG area
23% were from the Scarborough and Ryedale CCG area
13.5% were from the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG area