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How people have helped us shape NHS services

Here you can find a summary of how people have helped us shape services over the last year.  

Urgent Care Consultation
Community Services
Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service
Improving Health and Wellbeing in Bridlington
Other involvement opportunities which are ongoing or have closed

Our current involvement opportunities are available by clicking here.

Urgent Care Consultation 
We held a 3 month public consultation from 25 October 2016 to 17 January 2017 on plans to improve urgent care services in the East Riding. This work involved:

  • Establishing a public Stakeholder Forum whose members helped us by giving feedback and views on our planning process as we prepared to engage more widely.  Membership included patient representatives, MPs, Councillors, Ambulance and NHS provider Trust staff, Care Homes, etc. 
  • Patient representation on our scoring panels to narrow down all our possible scenarios into options for consultation.  
  • Formal Public Consultation with 10 drop-in events, questionnaire, film, etc. 
  • Liaison with East Riding of Yorkshire Council's Health, Care and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee before and throughout the consultation - more information is here

All the information including the full feedback analysis report and decisions that were made are available at:

***Click here for information about the changes being made from 4 April 2018***

Community Services 
During 2016-17, we continued to involve patients extensively and the public in the development of our plans for the future model of community services.  In January 2016, we established a dedicated ‘community services involvement panel’ to help us through the formal procurement process, ensuring that patient views were absolutely at the heart of our decision making. 

Our panel included 6 amazing volunteers who each brought their own insight and views about what they expected from our future provider of community services. 

The panel developed a wide range of patient related questions at every stage in the procurement, met with bidding organisations, evaluated their submitted responses and helped with overall moderation of final scores.  Not only was this a huge learning curve for everyone involved, it was also an extensive personal commitment from the panel members but one which definitely enriched the ultimate decision.  

The panel members have since been offered the opportunity to work with City Health Care Partnership CIC to help guide implementation of service changes.

More information about community services is available here.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service
Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services, (NEMTS), are typified by the non-emergency, planned transportation of service users with a medical need for transport to, from and between premises providing NHS Healthcare. This service does not include ‘999’ ambulance services.

In March 2017, the existing contract was due to expire and, as part of our usual commissioning process, we were required to review our procurement options.  It is not a reflection on any staff currently providing these services who we know work extremely hard in the interests of local people. Nor does it mean we want to cut services. The procurement process is open, transparent and available for all providers and our aim is to seek the best provider to deliver the requirements of our new contract.

Members of our involve network again rose to the challenge of helping us with our procurement, bringing a real patient focus to the tender evaluation process.  The contract was awarded to Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the new requirements will start on 1 July 2017.

Improving Health and Wellbeing in Bridlington
In 2015, led by GPs, local health and social care organisations, we won the opportunity to access £10.7 million funding from NHS England to develop new premises for the Bridlington area.  The aim is to provide local people with a range of health and social care services in a better, more joined up way that will meet the needs of everyone both now and well into the future. 

In May 2016, we held two public drop-in events to share and seek views on how services could be redesigned to improve patient care, including providing local premises that are well equipped and future proofed.  The afternoon session was attended by 60 people, with 30 people attending the evening session.  A range of potential ideas for the future were shared ranging from ‘do nothing’ to the creation of one ‘health and wellbeing centre’.  There was a lot of lively debate on the pros and cons of each possible idea and we asked people to give us an informed view of their preferred model.  The majority of people attending said they preferred the idea of one health and wellbeing centre to house 5 GP practices, adult social work/caring support services, community clinics and specialist nursing services, voluntary sector services and public health services.

In order to secure the investment, an outline business case has been developed for submission to NHS England as part of the next stage in seeking formal approval and further engagement work will be undertaken as plans progress. 

More information can be found here.

Other involvement opportunities which are ongoing or have closed


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