GP Extended Access Survey

Improving access to GP services

We've given East Riding residents the chance to have their say on plans to improve access to GP services in the region by making more appointments available outside of normal GP practice opening hours.

We're looking to use funding from NHS England to offer additional appointments from 2019 and asked people to help shape what this may look like.

Some GP practices in our area already provide a limited evening and weekend service and we want to extend this so everyone in the East Riding area is able to access appointments in evenings and/or at weekends if they wish to do so.  This expanded service will provide an increase of same day and routine appointments provided by a mix of clinicians such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, appropriate to clinical need.  Appointments are likely to be available from 6.30pm to 8.00pm on weekdays as well as on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays, to meet local need.

Clearly, not every practice will be able to participate. So to ensure the service is available to everyone, we're proposing that all appointments offered as part of the expanded service will be provided from a range of locations across the East Riding, including GP practices, and would be open to all patients, not just those registered with that practice.  This means you can expect to be seen by a clinician who will be able to deal with your needs, but this might not be someone from your own GP practice.  

The feedback from the survey is available here and will be used to inform the next phase of the work.